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Absolute temperature, measured in Fahrenheit degrees, is the Rankine scale. The globalizing bulldozer of standardization ruthlessly crushes the fragile flower of mensuration diversity.

Visit our memorial entry for an extinguished victim of perzonals remorseless social Darwinism: To determine the temperature Fahrenheit from cricket chirping, divide the number of chirps per minute by four and add forty. This is according to Polly's Ghosta novel by Abby Frucht. Or maybe they chirp in reverse. If we were serious about precision, we'd measure temperature in chirps per minute instead of Fahrenheit degrees Burton TX adult personals mind Burton TX adult personals.

I should probably mention that Fahrenheit didn't just fool with choosing among essentially equivalent schemes Burton TX adult personals designating temperatures. His major contribution to thermometry was overcoming technical obstacles to developing a good mercury Hg thermometer. His mercury thermometer was substantially more accurate than existing alcohol thermometers. He took into account the effects of glass expansion and Burton TX adult personals that different kinds of glass had fractionally different expansion coefficients.

He also discovered that the boiling point of water depends on pressure. Nevertheless, the intriguing, almost enigmatic question about Perdonals is: For a long time, this question was essentially unanswerable, but with the publication of some old scientific correspondence the answer has become clear.

Basically, the numbers arose almost accidentally. The main consideration seems always to have been to preserve comparability between earlier scales and new ones.

The boiling point of water was never a calibration point Housewives looking casual sex NY Penfield 14526 Fahrenheit, and the nonzero freezing point I think it was 8 before he multiplied all temperatures by four was inherited from an earlier scheme.

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That qdult scheme was used for recording atmospheric temperatures, and the freezing point was assigned a positive number so there would Burton TX adult personals no need to record negative temperature values. As you can see, I'm away from my references. I'll return and fix things up later. When Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was elected a foreign Fellow of the Royal Society, he contributed a paper on thermometers written in Latin.

The paper was a bit unclear on his points of calibration.

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He mentioned Burton TX adult personals audlt, the lowest one being defined in terms of a brine solution. It has been suggested that Fahrenheit was purposely unclear to protect the trade secrets of his instrument-making business, but this isn't really plausible as an explanation for calibration points.

It's not especially deutlich.

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Federal Reporter. US legal journal. Now numbering in its third series -- F. F- Fighter.

Prefix on military plane designations. You'll never guess what B- and FB- stand for. Longer list at USN entry. F Flash. F Symbol for Burton TX adult personals chemical element Fluorine, at atomic number 9 the lightest halogen. The stable form at room temperature is molecular: Learn more at its entry in Personwls and its entry at Chemicool.

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This page cooly examines some of Burton TX adult personals evidence concerning the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing cavities. Here is how General Jack D. I can Burton TX adult personals longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy, to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. I'm Seeking girl for good time sure exactly what that was about, and Ripper is no longer around to tell us, but I figured this was a good place to mention it.

F A programming language based on Fortran This makes for large compilers, and allows or leads to programming practice that is now considered uncouth although it works dammit!

F is a true subset of Fortran 90 and Fortran 95, but it's missing all Burtonn good old stuff.

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F Forward. Basketball position.

We don't have much to say about PF or SF either. F Foxtrot. The problem here is that the foxtrot is dated. When I ordered my X-server from Xi Graphicsthe guy who took my order actually asked me to spell my first name. I mean, I know it's becoming an unusual name and all, but really! It's even an entry in this glossary. Update on Fandango and Foxtrot: Alicia just wrote saying that she needed a new activity now that summer sailing Acult coming to an end, -- maybe she'll take up Burton TX adult personals Dancing.

And the New York Times had an article on same.

Of course, Foxtrot is the name of a comic strip. I wonder if the late Charles Schulz Burton TX adult personals kickbacks from the peanut farmers for not changing his strip 's name to Macadamia Nuts or something.

It could have been quite a racket.

Too bad he didn't get to name his own strip. In most of the hard sciences and engineering, the word frequency is reserved for various kinds of event rate, essentially measured in units of inverse time -- Hzrpmetc. The Burton TX adult personals from this usage, typically marked by some modifier, generally preserve the notion of rate.

Thus, the inverse of the wavelength is sometimes called a spatial frequency, and the angular frequency is the frequency with which a unit one radian of angle is turned. These standard examples concern counts or events per unit of a continuous variable typically time Old women wanting cock distance [and Burton TX adult personals describes an intrinsic rather than extrinsic quantity in the sense these words have in thermodynamics].

A further technical generalization is frequency as number of occurrences per sample. This preserves the conventional notion of frequency as count of events per unit of something else, but the something else is discrete, and these frequencies are given in essentially dimensionless units like errors per bin.

This usage is appropriate and more-or-less natural in some Housewives seeking casual sex Bruner Missouri 65620 of biology and in most of the social sciences, and is the standard usage in statistics, but a physical scientist has to keep the difference in mind when reading statistical literature: F Burton TX adult personals of variances.

FA Factory Automation. FA Failure Analysis. Often available free; price reflects value. FA Famous Artists. FA Field Artillery. That goes for the US; other countries, including other Anglophone countries, may follow other patterns. FA Focus Assistant. University staff responsible for advancing the designated focus of a house university residence. In England, the FA is the senior administrative body of English soccer. There is also a Football League, which until the start of the season represented teams at all levels of professional play.

I'm not peersonals exactly how responsibilities were, or were not, divided. The league was pfrsonals in principle, perssonals represented a different set of interests. In the last Blonde white sweater allen target of this arrangement, there was an increasing feeling within the FA Burton TX adult personals the interests of the Football League were in conflict with those of the top teams and, therefore, those of the England team.

The FL, dominated by the larger number of lower-division teams, preferred more and weaker Burton TX adult personals teams, and personsls games between teams in the top and lower divisions. Inthe north and south divisions of English soccer's Third Division were joined Burton TX adult personals redivided to produce a system of four ranked divisions.

Inthe FA decided to take the First Division out of personsls FL personald create a special Premier League eventually also called the Premiership for those Housewives seeking sex tonight Kirkville Iowa starting in the season. After serious contention, threats of legal action, and some compromises on detail, this plan took effect. By agreement, at the end of the season the Premier League was winnowed from its Byrton 22 teams to 20 by four relegations and two promotions.

Over the Summer into widespread cynicism well, it's England, isn't it? FA Fuel-Air ratio. See the AF Burton TX adult personals. All comments there apply. This is rich. Also, Burton TX adult personals air force had a smaller part in the earlier Dirty War the war against the leftist insurgency than the army, navy, federal police, provincial police, and federal penitentiary service.

One common way in which some thousands of the disappeared were disposed of was by Burton TX adult personals them Dover NJ housewives personals alive, personald Burton TX adult personals some with their bellies slit ; a few previously dead into the middle of the Atlantic. But the drops were apparently from naval aircraft.

FAB A common way to write fab that puts one's mortal soul in peril. Factory for or the process of making chips.

Harris Semiconductor offers a description of the process. As ofthere are almost forty in. Fab four The fab ulous four Liverpudlians: John, Paul, George and Ringo. The band name The Beatles was chosen partly Burton TX adult personals allusion to The Cricketsthe name of Buddy Holly's band, and partly in reference to beat -- aeult musical or poetic as in beatnik or both I'm not sure.