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Real man here come over for some hot snuggles I Am Wanting Dick

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Real man here come over for some hot snuggles

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I do have a lot to give to the right individual.

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Cuddling is a real source of contention within my otherwise happy relationship.

The problem isn't that either of us hate cuddling. He's a natural cuddler and I grew up sleeping with my mom, so falling asleep snuggling ovef I feel comfortable with is my ideal.

I Am Ready Cock Real man here come over for some hot snuggles

Our problem is that we both want to be the little spoon. I mean, let's face it, being big spoon sucks. It's hot and you have hair in your face and you can get farted on at any given moment.

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I know as far as cuddle positions go, men are "traditionally" supposed to be the big spoon and xnuggles it, but a recent Reddit AskMen thread asked men to share their ideal best cuddle positions and, it turns out, my boyfriend and I aren't weirdos after all. Well, to be clear, we are weirdos Plenty of guys like positions other than big spoon.

Honestly, reading through these gave me a lot of inspiration. I've always felt that the way you cuddle is super important and speaks volumes about your relationship, snggles I'm all about this whole new world of cuddling opportunities that has been brought to my attention by this thread.

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By Candice Jalili. He just likes to have her wrapped all over him while he lies on his back. I like to be on my back with her head on my shoulder and her arm and leg draped over me.

Big spoon with my lower arm wrapped under her neck cupping the fome breast and my upper arm wrapped over her side cupping her lower breast. It's a huge, gropey hug. Her lying on top of me.

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Lying on our sides face to face and hugging. Maximum contact please. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.