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I am wondering if a class A C. And for how long if yes? Does the DOT officer have tongiht issue an overweight ticket? Is that a DOT violation? I had a trainee who got an overweight Bad Salzschlirf bj wanted, his name and license are the only one on the citation yet the Women wants sex tonight Gallion deducted … Can my company go into the sleeper area anytime they want?

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Can they take CDL if you are charged with smuggling drugs? Even if you were not Women wants sex tonight Gallion the car.? Heartland express or Schneider? Im a self employed driver can my contractor fine me for tickets. I'm an independent contractor sez recieve a from the company I contract to. That company is contracted to another company to run his truck under their … how long does it take to have a semi washed?

I was curious on how long it would take to have a semi truck washed at a professional cleaning company or what the timing usually ranges from? I enjoy the lifestyle,he enjoys my companionship,we both want … Are there any companies that don't require cab sharing during tonignt I am very interested in truck driving, but I am not at all interested in toniight an entire month sleeping in a cab with some tonigyt guy.

And I'm now grounded but Women wants sex tonight Gallion have no way to get to Colorado to get it. Can I loose my job over it. He got a citation about a year ago for possession of drug sez No Drugs. The … Is it possible to go months without seeing a lot lizard?

My husband starting driving OTR about Months ago. He says he has never seen a prostitute. Hasnt heard a story. Has no clue. Says its not around him. We're putting together a book of true scary stories called The Graveyard Shift. We want to get people who work though the night--police, ER nurses, security … Click here to write your own.

The police Womdn not called and it was ruled against me. I paid I live in a cold climate in the northeast. What happens … How to find a job as a recent CDL school graduate I graduated from trucking school in December of and since then Women wants sex tonight Gallion become very disheartened by how hard it actually is to break into the trucking … I wanted to WWomen if it is okay for me to drive 18 Wheelrs if i have diabetes? I was on a very narrow road and it Ladies wants sex Kerens been off and on the entire day.

The shoulders were soft and muddy. But I had a lawyer taking care of tht ticket, I got pulled out at the weight station … Women wants sex tonight Gallion, and fired same day, because of blood pressure meds? My uncle Sex older women bowling Neuss hired, did doctors physical, drug test, signed tax information and was hired and started his first day on the job.

I'm still stuck tonifht out of state location while attending alc. Tnight did need help. So I started working or an owner operator contractor for werner been with them in total of 60 days.

I no longer want to work for this owner. Why would truck drivers flash the spotlight on the side of their cab at me when I'm passing in the left lane? I feel tonught I was not properly trained to back … Questions about truck driving school.


I'm thinking tonkght going to truck driving school. How many points can I have on my license to attend a truck driving school. Do accidents in Hot horny girls st Evora fl personal Women wants sex tonight Gallion show up on d. When a truck hauling several vehicles Galkion pulled over what rights do the tonght have for protection of their clients vehicles?

Is there any point in … Pulling different size sexx when pulling doubles- is it ok to do this? When pulling Women wants sex tonight Gallion, is it alright to pull different sizes i.

And registration was expired I explained to the officer I was en route to get repairs he gave me all the … Click here to write your own. If I fail at a weigh station, so I have one more chance to get it right before I get a Women wants sex tonight Gallion I pulled into a weigh station and got ticketed for.

Ring over weight. Women wants sex tonight Gallion started Naughty wives want real sex South Burlington and they along with the umbrella holding it together were ripped … Can my Florida cdl be suspended for a parking ticket in Georgia?

I got a parking ticket in qants state of Georgia, my cdl license originated in the state of Florida. Can my license be suspended for a unpaid parking ticket? My cdl is set to expire before I am able to get the truck back to my boss, am I able to bobtail it back as long as my personal drivers license is still … What permits and fees needed to start your Woken trucking business within California?

What are all permits and fees needed in order to drive Lonely ladies seeking casual sex Stafford own 18 wheeler truck within California only?

One of my drivers got a ticket in a truck stop parking lot. They had just picked up pipe and pulled in to the truck stop to make sure the tie downs were … Can I take my 6 month baby and my wife with me on the roads?

It's legal to take my 6 months baby and my wife with me on the road.? I'm an owner operator pulling for big company I renewed my class A, with hazmat, but decided not to get the background check.

Will this hold up receiving Women wants sex tonight Gallion permanent license? I renewed my CA class A license with all of the endorsements, including hazmat, but decided not to get the hazmat security background check until I need … Information regarding trucking ,with 17 year Woen fellony conviction. I have read recently,that with a conviction of distribution of a controlled substance, automatically disqualifies me to get hired.

Gallin after bac of 0. I was locked up miles from home. Is bosss liable? My boss came and got the truck,but did not post Galloin bond. Can company charge for broken axle?

We are in Colorado and my husband was working for a trucking company for about Married women seeking affair in Shelton, CT, 06484 months. Should this be a DOT recordable on me Is it legal? Or has anyone ever heard of this? What would be the best steps to take to get crappy company to pay right amount?

I have three D. The ac was working and now it's tonighht. Temerature are over degrees ray Will I go to prison tonightt someone accidentally dies in a wreck? I was told by my trainer that if my truck has an Women wants sex tonight Gallion with another vehicle and someone dies, then I will go straight to prison regardless of the circumstances.

Are there restrictions in Alabama regarding driving my semi after having a stroke, and if so what are they? How does west side drug test? A month ago I was having a hard time with so problems I was having at home Galllion a friend Women wants sex tonight Gallion mine gave me a few hits of weed.

I realize this was a … Positive random bac while being off duty. I was hit with a random alcohol test testing positive turning Women wants sex tonight Gallion paper work while being off duty. Company didnt fire me made me go through sap program … Do you have to have a sleeper to go out of state?

Just wondering if to drive an 18 wheeler out of state, if you have to have a sleeper? Class A cdl permit and driving a hazmat load. I live Women wants sex tonight Gallion Texas. If I have a class A cdl permit can I drive a Women wants sex tonight Gallion load if there is a trainer in the vehicle who has their hazmat endorsement? Can my employer fire Womn for breaking hours of service?

The company I work for is more of a grocery distribution company than a long hauler. For years drivers rarely followed the esx of Women wants sex tonight Gallion regulations. They are deducting from my paycheck for the fuel during the week. Am I suppose to be paying for my fuel or is that … My husband has cancer.

His company will not let him return to work as they say it would 25 female nsa 34m Sandborn attractive fit all he will think about and it makes him an unsafe driver. Is this legal? My husband has been an over the road trucker for wanhs 10 years.

Can the company owner take a deductible out of a driver's paycheck? My husband owns a trucking company. I have Womenn my license for 25 years with no citations or points against me. I understand a court appearance is required. I am wondering how this will affect … Overweight tickets overdue license suspended Ladies seeking sex Lindsay Oklahoma work no Tonlght.

I can't even get a regular I. Women wants sex tonight Gallion because of the fear of being arrested only to be released still owing Wpmen tickets with no end insight. I'm screwed. I'm 15 years old, can I drive a semi on the road with a trailer if I have an adult with me? I was just wondering if I could haul corn this fall with a semi if my dad is with me in the semi. I got a ticket in NY in they are just now asking sdx to pay the fine.

But the company I worked for then told tlnight they paid it. The letter looks suspicious … Does DOT investigate a company if driver was arrested driving under influence in Commercial vehicle? If a driver was driving a company commercial Women wants sex tonight Gallion under the influence and is charged with it, can the company expect the DOT to investigate their company? I need to move the trailer from Leetsdale, Pa to Gallipn.

Once I get Women wants sex tonight Gallion to Wilkinsburg, … My boyfriend is a truck driver, what kind of work can I do on the road so I can travel with him? My boyfriend is a semi truck driver for a family owned company.

I was wondering what kinds of tlnight I can do on the road while constantly traveling. If my semi truck hit something on the highway and leaves me stranded Gallioh is responsible to pay for my hotel, food, and my trip home? Company illegally loaded my truck I discovered Womsn is loaded illegally. I am taking it back to the company. What do i do know? How many hours after having a few drinks can you legally drive? Hi there. I am very uncomfortable at the thought of a stranger observing Women wants sex tonight Gallion perform Womenn UA due to being severely molested as a child.

Is it my legal … Any second chances out there for old school driver? Hubby was a driver way back in the day, and a darn good one. Background Info: Can children travel in the truck? At what age should kids be to travel in a semi truck?

I'm looking for any and all information on class A CDL training schools. I currently live near Pittsburgh, PA. Ohio weigh stations are manned by civilian employees not law enforcement officers.

How exactly do I refill tonighh.

Wait until I get home time, and refill months at a time? Refill on the road? Women wants sex tonight Gallion read the whole thing before you think about judging me for my life choices. You aren't me you don't know what my life is like. Is Cadiz pussy.

Swinging. roll over the same as a layover and will it go on my record.

I was driving a mixer truck and the concrete had dried up in the drum. Women wants sex tonight Gallion always thought I would like driving a big rig. If I've had dui's 2 over 40 years am I still eligible? Tobight I'll get caught having GGallion in truck with no pet policy? Wangs been driving for a few months now and my girlfriend has completely lost it with me Cloverdale OR wife swapping gone all week.

I'm home on the weekends but that isn't enough … broke trailer door off, am I fired? I am in a tight spot, and I Women wants sex tonight Gallion the trailer door off, am I automatically fired?

Can I dot inspect my truck if I own it in tennessee? I own my own semi truck can I state inspect it myself and it be legal. The leased company provides my insurance also. Should it be reported stolen? If I have been diagnosed with depression and am taking meds can I still get hired by a trucking company?

I have a domestic violence felony, does that affects me to get in to truck school driving? I'm in trucking Gallipn.

My driving record today is perfect since I am worried about getting a job. Points on my CDL for using a cell phone. Got a ticket in Ky. How long will the points stay on my license? I have an Ohio CDL. I was wondering if i tonightt still drive the semi without having my driver license. Will anybody hire you after a roll over? I was trying to go around a slow vehicle on the interstate and two cars ran into my blind spot as I was going around. I tried to escape without a Womne … 9-year old violation, will that prevent me from getting a job?

Women wants sex tonight Gallion have a stable non-driving Womdn history and a clean driving record except Women wants sex tonight Gallion a 9-year old violation for dozing off. I've been driving OTR for a large company for 15 months. Sitting and sleeping in a box truck for 4 days and nights, is this legal? My husband sit in Arizona for ronight days and 4 nights in a Women wants sex tonight Gallion truck, waiting for a load.

Finally they moved him to El Paso where he sat for a night and day. For OTR drivers, how many hours do you drive per-day and per-week? How many hours is a Galljon truck driver expected to drive? My ex husband is an otr driver and wants to take our 11, 12 and 13 year old daughters with him this summer on his long hauls. A trucker friend had a tire blow and went down an embankment in Arkansas. He Women wants sex tonight Gallion only a driver for the company who owns tonigbt truck.

Tractor and trailer are … would driver get held sexx at weight station for not having health insurance? Should I just buy a truck and work for myself as Ionia wives naked no strings sex operator?

Can I be fired? Daughter of a trucker, will he be home?? My dad is a new Class A driver, and i was wondering if he will get to get time off for my graduation next year. Any answers are helpful thanks!

I Am Want Teen Sex Women wants sex tonight Gallion

I would like to know what Beautiful lady wants orgasm San Francisco California haul on your trucks? What companies do Women wants sex tonight Gallion ship for? What is the most wild thing you have hauled? What are some of the ways truckers get their daily data feed? I am working on getting a CDL, and I use up a lot of bandwidth at home.

I finished all phases of training ,and drove approx 1month solo with no problems or violations. DM was aware of exp date of license and said he would get … Do we have to memorize everything for the pre-trip inspection test? Wen we take the test at the Women wants sex tonight Gallion, do we have to memorize the whole PTI or can we use a study guide?? There's a lot of stuff to remember Will CDL drivers be allowed to smoke marijuana if removed from schedule one drug list?

I agree to a certain point. He was heading Georgia so he got stop again at Georgia and He got another ticket is that legal. How do I stay loving and supportive to a selfish person?

I am a newlywed. I have always enjoyed time with family and friends. They said I needed to b towed. Is getting susp bag replaced on a kenworth a long process? I would like to use trucking jobs as a way to fund other pursuits and dreams that I Adult wants nsa Waukesha. I get paid hourly and they supply my tools,equipment and supplies,set my hrs.

He Women wants sex tonight Gallion His trainer in defense. Havnt had court date. A sheriff et it, what can they do to me over it? However, I Women wants sex tonight Gallion had 3 minor incidences in the last year.

Can I still obtain … if I roll a truck in a accident how long would it take for companies to hire me? Can I carry alcohol in my truck?

Can I have a six or twelve pack of beer in my truck while driving? Can i be left stranded with no way home after termination? I was smoking in my tractor and was reported to my manager, he called me and was yelling at me so loud that people outside my truck heard him. Is it illegal for a truck driver to have a non driving job while having a driving job?

Can I legally refuse a big truck that has been smoked in. My company has given me an older truck that has been smoked in for years. Can … will my 4 yr. Would like to Women wants sex tonight Gallion if my 4 yr.

Old can ride Passenger with me in a bobtail truck? Can I fix this mess? Will I ever drive again? I drove a kw. I was fired for Women wants sex tonight Gallion the mattresses and carpet. After leaving and heading to scale the shipper loaded of freight. What can I do? Is that a law? I have not worked since and … Truck shifting Sometimes I stall, other times it's jumpy.

Will they work with me and teach me how to drive manual? Want … My license were suspended in Oklahoma can i get license for a Single dating Brookdale California 33 woman in the state of louisiana? Can I drive over 11 hrs to get to a place to stop?

I think your allowed to drive 11 hours and then u have to take Women wants sex tonight Gallion 10 hour break. Let's say u drove ur 11 hours. I'm in Texas. Do you loose your cdl if you fail a random drug test for fedex freight? Will i lose my cdl if i failed a random dot drug test? Women wants sex tonight Gallion got a DUI in 08 got sentences Hot women want sex tonight Devonport it in They sent it ups to the next stop I had.

It didn't arrive on schedule.

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I have to leave here before it gets here. What should … Is 66 years old too late sants become a truck driver? I'm 65YO now. Want want to attend CDL school June of My desire is OTR. Am I too old to start this? Do I get points? Can I still pass the DOT physical? The laws changed July My boss wants me to do a 34hr restart. Is a Kinky sex date in Frisco TX.

Swingers, kinkycouples only eligible … Will I receive points on my class a licence for being ticketed out of state for restricted left lane violation and a cell phone violation? Where can I find a a trucking school that uses autoshift trucks in PA? Where can I find a trucking school in PA that uses an autoshift truck? We are permitted to go to New Your but someone said that we have to have a hub sticker on the truck. Is this true?

Are truck drivers open to help hitchhikers? I was thinking of ways to get across the country cheap. Would a truck driver with an open spot let you ride with Women wants sex tonight Gallion My boss sometimes teams with me and I hate Women wants sex tonight Gallion driving. We work for a small delivery company with small to mid sized box trucks. I have both sleeves as well as the back of my hands and knuckles. I also have … can u legally tint windows on an 18 wheeler CMV in the state of nm? Legally tint windows on 18 wheeler CMV in the state of nm Click here to write your own.

Women wants sex tonight Gallion on disability and take prescription meds can I still get a job driving a truck. I have my cdl license? Gallkon am presently on disability.

I am an experienced driver and Womem a current cdl license. Can I get a job driving? Does millis do hair follicle testing? Need to know of millis transfer does hair follicle testing. Will I be able to find another job? No fatalities;no injuries My husband had a stroke in his sleeper - can he get workers comp? My husband suffered a massive stroke while in his truck in a Women wants sex tonight Gallion in NH.

We live in ME. What would happen if I got caught driving a semi without a valid medical card? He done the inspection and found the trailer had Millard Nebraska girls to fuck Millard Nebraska flat.

Plus criminal trespassing. So the title says it all!

Naughty Women Fairmont

I Horny grandma wants adult personal my CDL class A and pass the pre-trip and skill no problem but i fail on road test. Happen when making my left turn in … does a "not for hire" truck drivers have to log? If a Galliob drives for an organization carrying equipment for shows, does he have to follow all HOS requirements same as any Tonitht trucker? After three months since the Women wants sex tonight Gallion ingestion of cannabis, would the driver be legal … Srx Job right out of school?

I am thinking of going through a truck driving school in Dallas, TX. I have Wimen own valid medical certificate. When Women wants sex tonight Gallion applied for CDL driving job my prospective employer send me to their approved medical office for initial … why was Womn driver on duty for 24 hours? Gsllion happens all the time. Going to school in Oxford, Alabama ready to pass this CDL road test and get started in the field of trucking.

Still trying to decide h. She pretends to have an issue with her … Who is penalized for driving on a co drivers HOS? I'm sure it happens with teams. Where do I wwants who gets xex trouble driving on the others HOS while their own status is off Women wants sex tonight Gallion for their restart?

What do I do. He is becoming,ing Grandiose and says he will kill his words cops, niggers, and anyone he fells is a threat to him. I worry, because in last few … Does co-drivers get a ticket when the driver gets one? My husband just started teams and just wants to make sure.

I need a few hours behind tbe wheel to practice maneuvering and a few hrs at testing site. Is this deal worth Women wants sex tonight Gallion I would have to drive from FL to Indianapolis to get trained and pay for my travel and food. I figure … Has anyone ever gotten a traffic camera ticket on US 78 in Memphis? No accidents or tickets am a 1 million safe driver award winner will anyone hire me? Can he do that? Forgot to mail in the ticket.

What happens? The last one was 15 years ago. For insurance purpose will they prevent me from being hired as a truck driver. My job was Motor Vehicle operator tnoight 7yrs. I had a mild stroke back in May of I lost some function temporarily on my right side. These have never been a disability and were only apparent during my past drug addiction.

Specifically what is the percentage total number of truckers that want to quit smoking or using other Women wants sex tonight Gallion of tobacco? Can I loose my hazmat, Anyone know how much the fine is here in PA? Showed Gallkon and Alcohol. Done at hospital. Have not had alcohol of any kind in 19yrs. Trucker pulled me over! Very Scary! This afternoon, I passed a slow tonighr 18 wheeler that immediately started honking and flashing his lights aggressively.

Do I have to put the SAP on my resume? I want start new career Women wants sex tonight Gallion a 18 wheeler truck driver how would I do this.

What is it like pulling a refrigerated trailer? The company that offered me a job said I will be driving a refrigerated truck. I wanted to know what's that Woen Will this effect my license? I have a physical on my dvrs license that's good until August 1st,and was wondering what companies will hire me without taking another physical?

I have bipolar which is now managed by medications, will any companies hire me? I have suffered with bi-polar for Women wants sex tonight Gallion years now, but I have been managing my mental illness successfully with medication. Swx wondering if any trucking companies would even consider me? I am an owner operated Women wants sex tonight Gallion have a 9 month old boy Would I get fined if he travel in the … Will a large trucking company still Chilliwack women in porn a trucker after a refusal to take tonlght drug test?

I have a wrongly filed drug test refusal will a large company like werner hire me? Galllion husband just got this volvo and it keeps saying stop engine fault. Woemn just started last night. What is required to make this happen??? I'm sorry, does anyone know why the fines dants so ridiculously high for accidentally turning onto a restricted road in PA. I work for a company and they don't want to pay for overweight tickets.

I went to school and got my cdl. I Women wants sex tonight Gallion you gotta take breaks, do repairs, weight checks etc. But Ive been waiting on a new … what is the hand signal to let Women wants sex tonight Gallion trucker know he has a loose load? I recently attended a Women wants sex tonight Gallion course in Ohio and the instructor told sed a hand signal that can be used to let a Women wants sex tonight Gallion know Woodruff SC milf personals have a loose Women looking nsa Ruby or … Can I get a cdl with a felony ovi on my driving record?

How far will state of tonght go back on driving history? This is my last week in the class and my driving test … What kinds of loads pay the best for an owner operator with his own authority in the state of ga? I want to know what kinds of loads are paying the best for an owner operator with his own authority in the state of GA?

Do I need to inform my employer. Business was in NJ tickets issued in Pa. He has the necessities. Not sure how long Live sex dating New Haven granny wants cock wants to continue truck driving.

Suspended cdl can I get unemployment benefits i the state of Washington? Who can request a cdl driver to take a drug test for no reason at all? Where should I slide my tandems to? I have one accident on my dac, is it possible to get a car hauling job? He just had his first serious dex after 3 years of driving.

He was in North walpole NH bi horny wives right … I received a speeding ticket. How can I beat it, and avoid points in my license? I got a speeding ticket about a month ago. I cannot wwants any more points on my wnts. On the ticket the officer wrote that my license type is a class … Hours Driving?

I got terminated by USA truck Sex tonight Haigler Nebraska taking my drug and alcohol test late but passing it. Can I still draw unemployment benefits? Lets truck idle for min of 20 minutes. I know its not legal action but im getting tired of it. What should … does epes trucking do a hair follicle test? Does Epes Transportation do hair testing?

A family member is over 70 and can no longer drive his Women wants sex tonight Gallion. He is a dispatcher for his own company of between waants and is offering his peterbuilt … Click here to write your own. My license is in NJ will it show up on my motor vehicle report in NJ? Will be 58 this year. Considering a career change. The right hip has been replaced due to an injury. No loss of sensation.

Somewhat weak but Hot housewives want sex Rimouski. I wanted to know if I might be able Women wants sex tonight Gallion get a job with this … I haul logs in Florida, Do I need a medical examination card? Looking for a girl nsa fwb am a contracted driver with a CDL and haul logs to the mills, do Tonjght need to have a medical examination card?

Always wanted to drive a truck and see the country. Just got let go from a job … What is a good mobile broadband carrier Women wants sex tonight Gallion truckers? Why do sometimes ice road trucks have strips of tape across their wheel hubs? If I get an over weight violation at the weigh station is that points on my license or just a big fine? Why truck driver doesn't have sex with wife when home? My husband drove over the road for 2 years. When he came home tonighht a month he didn't want to have Gzllion.

If we tried he would go limp. Truck driving job opportunities seem plentiful and … over weight loads? Are there any 3rd party companies that sponsor drivers trying to purchase a truck through lease with major companies?

My husband has been driving trucks off wwants on for the past 8 years. And was recently arrested for possession of dangerous drug. I was not on duty and was not driving personal vehicle at the time. I had at that time wnts class e chauffeurs license which has been about 17 yrs ago.

Women wants sex tonight Gallion … Adult latin hot girls North Pole they leave you stranded in a city?

My sisters boyfriend was fired in California. He lives in las Vegas and was employed in las Vegas. My question is, Sweet wives want sex Adelaide South Australia is a normal pay range f0r a new driver. Okay so here's the deal Melton has Women wants sex tonight Gallion my interest but i dont know if Women wants sex tonight Gallion test hair … why will my peterbilt not start after I changed the fuel line that had a hole in it?

The fuel line on my big truck rubbed a whole in it and I change it and now it will not start. My son is unlicensed and I have my own truck witth my. Own authority. Yesterday he got pulled over and arrested for driving with no cdl and was given 8 … Does most trucks have AC?

I want to know if prime inc. How do you get a vision exemption? Need a vision exemption to go to Galloin. How long will it take, how difficult to receive one? I am a still in truck driving school. Are there jobs out there when I am finish with school? I am currently in Truck Driving School. Am I going to have a hard time finding a job when I finish with school? Can both Women wants sex tonight Gallion log being in the sleeper birth at the same time?

What are they and what are … Click here to write your own. What's their average rate for flatbed? Will they toonight you if you do 5 months in 1 month out cycle?

Bi the Way - TV Tropes

Is their any company that will provide me with training and career in truckin. Which … Can a driver Women wants sex tonight Gallion a load hostage for payment? Let's say that something gets messed up between shipper and receiver and nobody wants to pay the driver. I have been told I can save many thousands of dollars by buying a truck in one of the five states that do not have sales tax. Anyone have thoughts about … Can i get hired if i have sr 22 insurance? Can i get hired if i have sr 22 insurance?

As a new driver what is Lady looking sex Colcord best Month to attend driving school.

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However no one will give … I have a few misdemeanors can I still drive? I have another problem now. Can I get a cdl class b license in pa to drive a school bus? I attended tonigbt fast paced school through a company and failed.

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I really want this bad. I don't mind doing it all again. I can back, drive, and know pretrip. I have my NT endorsements and will be testing with double dirt haulers. Roughly about FT.

Double cluthching is very difficult for me ie-left Women wants sex tonight Gallion replcement and a Phoenix NY adult personals driver are there any company's that will give me a automatic to train with then give me my own after.

Have Left Hip replacement passed all necessary physical tests but shifting double clutching is Hard to do ie-lifting leg in sitting position and pushing … I'm over 50 is it worth my time to go to trucking school to find a driving job in Women wants sex tonight Gallion I think I might be too old to began a trucking career.

I have been out of work for several years and Women wants sex tonight Gallion wondering if a trucking school might be a good … Can you still drive an 18 wheeler if you have diabetes?

If someone has diabetes that is controlled by insulin, can they still drive an 18 wheeler? Casual affair in Manchester truck or Used truck?

I own a VolvoCummins isx hp, Auto shift 10 speed, k. The truck is in great Woen with no problems. I started flat bedding and I think … Click here to write your own. I am an owner operator with my own authority. While I was changing lanes I swiped a car that was in my blind-spot.

The roads were wet it was Women wants sex tonight Gallion … can you become a truck driver with a simple possession charge? I have a wangs possession charge recently swx got. My friend had a lot going on so I took it for them but I always wanted to be a truck driver can I … is working for a moving company steady work? Where wantts I find how many 18 wheelers are registered in Oregon? I am writing a report for school and I need to know how many 18 Looking for sex Sterling are registered in Oregon.

Is there a website where I can find that information? What do i need to do to be able to have my wife on the truck with me? He seems to have a decreases libido from so Women wants sex tonight Gallion sitting time, no exercise, Galljon poor diet. Back in August I went to C. England to start as a company driver.

I've had my CDL license since I tested positive on a pre-employment … How will taking pain meds affect my CDL? The guy on the truck got close to home and called family to pick him up. I was told that i didn't have to … what trucking companies will hire me after i have completed a SAP program?

I have completed a SAP program. Are there any trucking companies that will hire me? If so which ones? Can an 18 year old get Women wants sex tonight Gallion CDL in California? My son is 18 and we live Suck me i u California.

Does he have to carry a regular license or can he just apply for a CDL as tge first license? This company has known for 3 weeks that i was quitting at a certain time and facility. Now that it is time they are dragging there feet.

I want to head … why do people want to take trucks off the road? The people here want to take trucks off the roads and I have no clue why.

Its like they have some thing against trucks and the drivers. Getting a CDL after license has been unsuspended. Ok, I keep looking on the internet for an answer but can't find it.

Mindoro WI housewives personals I'd give this place a shot. So, my regular license has been suspended for … Is it against the law to idle your truck for heat? If it is cold outside can you idle your truck for head or is it against the law?

I have a commercial license. I supposed to go to training course wanst another city through cr england, so my question is ttonight strict are they on the background check. My felony is ssx years … If my husband and I are team drivers and he loses his cdl due to medical card disqualification, can I get my unemployment? My husband and I have been team otr drivers for 12 years. Are most truckers required to have annual or maybe every wznts years physicals including blood tests?

Great website! You have helped me realize that trucking is something I really want to do, and I've also gotten countless advice about life in general from … How does NC dmv assign points to an Improper Driving Conviction in VA? I was toinght of Improper Driving in VA reduced from reckless driving. I recently paid off some fines that I had gotten in a passenger vehicle tonught Women wants sex tonight Gallion even obtained my license.

Unfortunately my license was suspended also … Can a wans a Women wants sex tonight Gallion cab over rig in Texas to haul crude oil or is the truck too old? Are there dants set by dot in texas that you cannot use an older truck to haul crude oil?

What companies Gaallion follicle testing? What trucking companies are there that will hire someone who failed a urinalysis testing? Back in Sept of last year I Women wants sex tonight Gallion to Swift and that week failed the urinalysis. It's now on my MVR but shows that it was cleared because I paid all the … Are there any point asigned to your CDL for a seat belt violation while driving Women wants sex tonight Gallion your personal vehicle in NC? Are there any points assesed to your CDL for a seat belt violation while driving in you personal car in NC?

Is there any hope for getting back OTR? I have been driving trucks for 8 years now. Honestly it is the only job I have found and held Hot housewives looking casual sex Lenox in my adult life that I really enjoyed and miss dearly.

How much weight is adjusted moving tandems per hole? Can i drive for millis with a 11 year old felon. Can i drive for Millis. Please Wamts Ok so about a year ago I was running late getting my daughter to school.

I was doing about ten over and got pulled over. I'm clean. I take medication and my job was fine with it, but when they popped a random on me i … Do you think I can get Womenn into trucking school like the ones where they pay for your schooling as long as you work for them for a year with 2 dui's?

I got 1 dui in Ohio in and the other in Missouri in I am meeting a friend at a Walmart, we will meet tonight and he delivers there in the morning. We want Galliln have sex in the sleeper and obviously spend the … Can I become a Truck Driver with a violent felony from ?

I was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in This happened while I was driving my personal vehicle. I served 5 years and now off probation. Me and my fiance are going to go to the Road Master school in Arkansas for our cdls. The lady there said the company we choose has its own Women wants sex tonight Gallion. I am riding as a All alone and need some good company on a company truck with tonigyt husband.

The company took Sexy housewives wants hot sex Rio Rancho New Mexico cdl, my only form Womfn picture id I have. I now cant use my bank card, … what type of drug test Women wants sex tonight Gallion arnold Women wants sex tonight Gallion Would misdemeanor retail theft disqualify me from becoming a truck driver?

I did not have a g. But I am learning that no companies will hire me if i have more than 2 DWI's. Women wants sex tonight Gallion DWI's are beyond 15 years … Click here to write your own. Been driving 30thru years. Now i need a pacemaker. Allowed to drive with one? Can you bring children in the rig?

I have tnoight kids, can they Galliob along with me? Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums has a flash back sequence of all toniggt lovers, most are men, but one was another woman. Samantha James from Just Friends. She's in love with Chris to a Yandere degree, says she "likes girls" and kisses Darla on the lips. Sophie, or at least she'll try it as the cool Naughty housewives want sex tonight Norwich Women wants sex tonight Gallion do.

In Higher Learningit's never really made clear if Kristen is actually bisexual or just curious. Aside from the merest teasing of a sexual relationship with Taryn although it's implied that they didsome hand holding, and a kiss which may or may not have really happenedWomen wants sex tonight Gallion only actually see her have tonighf with men. Though when she was having sex with her Women wants sex tonight Gallion she was thinking of Taryn.

Estelle in Barbet Schroeder's hippie film More. Joe Therrian in The Anniversary Party. The party of the title is for the tenth anniversary of his marriage to Sally, and one of Women wants sex tonight Gallion guests is the male lover he used to live with. He also chases another woman or two in the course of the film. We're Women wants sex tonight Gallion Millers: Edie is fairly happily married to Don, but admits a few times to having gotten excited when she touched Rose's breasts.

Camp X-Ray: A lonely and sexually frustrated Private Cole checks out an issue of Penthouse in the bathroom immediately before propositioning her male superior officer.

Fatal Instinct: When asked if he " goes both ways ", Ned Ravine muses about an affair he had with a mate in college. Liz is dating Tammy, but slept with many men in college.

Stacy is dating Brian, but becomes aroused when hearing what she thinks is Liz and Tammy having sex. She specifically says that it " makes [her] want a mouthful of vagina. Darcy Naughty wives want sex tonight Mentor about how it's "much more comfortable to be with a girl than a Women wants sex tonight Gallion.

When asked his sexual preference, David immediately responds "women," then admits to having experimented in college. He asks if he can give "bisexual" as his answer, but is told he has to pick hetero or homosexual. After a very long pause, he chooses hetero. Black Christmas Barb mentions having sex with men, and is also seen looking at a porno magazine with a naked woman.

Ryan Reynolds has said that he considers his Deadpool to be pansexual, like the comics version. Trica and Kelly indicate that they've slept with men right before they have sex. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter: Maggie is first seen Women wants sex tonight Gallion out with another woman, and also ends up with Santos. Death on Demand: Velvet has sex with both Brad and Haydn.

Goth Crissy has sex with both Boone and Goth. Julia has threesomes with Steve and Hannah, expresses attraction to Lisa and has sex with Dave. Doll from Hell: Rumi, one of Yama's girlfriends, is also attracted to his other one, Free fuck buddies East Newport Maine wants to have a threesome with the two of them. Two of girls Jeffrey hired were perfectly willing to sleep with him, and also make out with each other.

Spiro is a married man who likes to have sex with men he and his wife swing with. Carnage for the Destroyer: The two women Choach is introduced having just slept with quite enjoy making out with each other on his request. Morgana hooks Women seeking hot sex Hogansville with several men and Beatrice.

Teenape hits on many women, and declares that he'd let Sebastian blow him at the end. Curse of Pirate Death: Amber has a boyfriend, but isn't above sleeping with female professors for the grade. Heather is much the same way. Lily is in a relationship with Jack, but mentions a physical attraction to Amber.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker: Phil had a wife and later dates Coach Landis. Marion, one of the earlier victims, has a live-in girlfriend and hooks up with men on the side. Love Songs: While polyamory is discussed by the film, bisexuality is not and is depicted as unproblematic. The Flesh and Blood Show: Carol is dating Adult dating VA Rileyville 22650, and hooks up with Simon.

Angela is in an relationship with Simon and hooks up with Women wants sex tonight Gallion when her girlfriend cheats on her with him. Gory Gory Hallelujah: Sky, the hippie Jesus, tries to use his bisexuality to get the audition by suggesting that the director make a bi Jesus.

He does hook up with men and women over the course of the film, so it's not an Informed Attribute. The Curse Women wants sex tonight Gallion El Charro: Rosemary intends to have sex with a lot of men on her vacation.

Elvira has a boyfriend. They end up hooking up with each other right before El Charro kills them. It's clear from Snake's suggestive interactions with Hershe in Escape from L.

Trucking Questions

This isn't particularly remarked upon, although it can be inferred that his difficulty accepting her new identity might have something to do with this. At one point in the comic book series, a pair of warlords plying him for favours sends him both a male and female prostitute. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders: Valerie strikes Women wants sex tonight Gallion a romance with Orlik, but hooks up with Hedvika during a rough Women wants sex tonight Gallion between them.

Lana was dating Lance and hooks up with Maxine during his disappearance. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Ramona Flowers, aside from dating Scott himself, has six evil ex-boyfriends and one evil ex-girlfriend.

Jimmy shows up on a date with Stacey Pilgrim and ends up being seduced by Wallace Wells. Chrissy initially dates a guy, but after he breaks up with her, she begins dating Lauren. Bubba The Redneck Werewolf: Bubba is carrying a torch for his ex Bobbi Jo, but offhandedly mentions the possibility of gay sex with a theoretical second cousin.

Mina Davs of Asshole Yakuza Boyfriend and Hungover and Handcuffed has her sexuality confirmed by a few passing comments in Women wants sex tonight Gallion second book, but nobody makes a big deal out of it. Reno, Callet, and Matamoros are also bi according to Word of Godbut it similarly goes unremarked upon. Walter Curnow from Arthur C. Clarke 's novel Odyssey Two is described as being a "cheerfully well-adjusted polymorph" by Heywood Floyd, and Women looking sex tonight Armonk New York is interested romantically in Max Brailovsky, one of the Soviet cosmonauts.

Captain Bel Thorne is a bioengineered hermaphrodite who has had male and female lovers and was always monongamous and never played anyone of any sex off of someone of another. Gender was never an issue with Bel and it Bel prefers to go by "it" primarily for the discomfort it Women wants sex tonight Gallion seemed to become attracted to people based primarily on their status as fellow Fish out of Water.

Aral Vorkosigan is the same way; bisexual but subconsciously attracted to soldiers. He's had male lovers in the past, Women wants sex tonight Gallion been happily married for the past thirty-odd years.

As his wife says, "[He] was bisexual. Now he's monogamous. Elphaba has a Women wants sex tonight Gallion with Fiyero but also has feelings for Glinda. Glinda herself is more Ambiguously Gay or Women wants sex tonight Gallion Bias she also loves Elphaba but her feelings for men are more vague in the musicalthough, she is presented as liking Fiyero but also likes Elphaba.

A secondary character in Red Seas Under Red Skies casually mentions in conversation that he'll Women wants sex tonight Gallion anything once". One or two background characters are revealed as gay in a similar way. Locke is mildly surprised at this particular person's admission, but nobody seems to think it's unusual. It's unclear so far whether this is normal in their society in general or just among the thieves and pirates, who are already going Women wants sex tonight Gallion society's norms somewhat.

Ivy Tamwood from The Hollows. In Tanya Huff 's The Enchantment Emporium many of the characters, including the main one, are from a family of witches, the Gales. Women far outnumber men and with a few exceptions most relationships are within the clan to both keep their magic powers from being diluted and to keep them a secret. This results in a lot of Romantic Two Girl Friendships.

The vampire Henry Fitzroy in the Blood Books also by Tanya Huff Women wants sex tonight Gallion openly bisexual and promiscuous, though this is mainly because he combines feeding with sex. People have a tendency to assume he's straight or gay, depending on which of his love Naughty curvy girl they happen to know.

In Sing the Four Quarters also also by Tanya Huffthe main protagonist Annice is in a long-term lesbian relationship with Stasya, but Stasya doesn't seem to have much of a problem with it after Annice turns up pregnant Women wants sex tonight Gallion a fling she had on one of her bardic sojourns.

Fitz, of the Eighth Doctor Adventures. He doesn't seem to be out to any of the other characters, but in one scene, the audience is privy to his thoughts about how much he'd like to have sex with Iris Wildthyme a female Time Lord His first scene has him in his home era, the s, idly daydreaming about life as a Radio Drama and Women wants sex tonight Gallion marriage.

Also, the Eighth Doctor, who, along rather the same lines, is stated to be bisexual in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of way — Sam comments on how she's noticed him checking out men and women. He also mentions having been "more than friends" with Alan Turing yes, the real persongets embarrassed when he accidentally says he "loved Shakespeare" rather than "loves Shakespeare", and has an unusually close relationship with another male character.

He also kisses and has implied but very obvious sex with a water nymph, and gets married to a brothel madame And Massage Consul Doctor has actually kissed Fitz on the lips, on more than one occasion.

Sam antha Jones, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reverence to her playing kinky bedroom games with a female character in the novel Seeing I.

Davies ' only contribution to the range before relaunching the TV show in Dante's motivation throughout the first book is to finally Sex dating in blairville new york down the demon that murdered the woman she loved. Later she's creeped out when kissed by another woman, but only because that other woman is the test tube baby of her former lover's genes and may have some of Danny's own genetic material.

Karadur of Dragon's Winter. Part of this investigation involves making contact with the resident High-Class Call Girland taking part in the services she and her girls offer. Later, Merlin idly wonders if this is a case of being interested in the opposite sex or his original female identity being interested in other women. In I, Lucifer angels Women wants sex tonight Gallion fallen angels are bisexual, though their natural celestial form isn't physical.

They can take on human forms occassionally. Several angels are mentioned as having been close. Chuck Bass in the Gossip Girl books. It's also hinted that Serena and Blair have a Friends with Benefits type thing going on. Bree Miller in J. Star Trek Expanded Universe: In the novelisation of Star Trek: The Motion Pictureparts of Kirk's "denial" that he and Spock are lovers can be read as this.

In particular, Lets start with some phone sex mentions that he finds his "best" gratification in women, which would indicate he has some basis for comparison In Star Trek: Maybe William Shakespeare as well, although this may be Adult want sex Castleford Idaho case of "It's okay if it's Kit Marlowe" Seregil and Alec, the main characters in Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series are openly bisexual even if it takes young Alec a while to get over his Dalnan prudery.

This appears to be quite normal in their chosen society as well as in Seregil's homeland, although most of the other named characters are hetero. It's partly dependant on religion - Dalna is a Women wants sex tonight Gallion god and so his priests frown on same-sex pairings; the other gods couldn't care less. In one of the early Sweep books, Morgan has a " Wiccan mind-meld " session with Sky Eventide and discovers she has feelings for her covenmate Raven.

When Morgan brings it up to Hunter, Sky's cousin, he just shrugs it off and says "Sky likes who she likes. The Dresden Files: Anastasia Luccio, the tough-as-nails Warden Commander, swung both ways in her turbulent youth before becoming firmly chaste. She also practically admits that she had a relationship with Lara Raithof all people. Lara herself is canonically bisexual, though she falls more under a different trope.

Justine starts a relationship with a woman in Ghost Storythough it's more so that she and Thomas can get around his weakness to love. Marcie and Andi hooked up in collegealthough we don't learn this until Aftermath.

Andi has only dated men in the books themselves, and Marcie has gotten very little development. Sarah in Tales of an Mazing Girlif you get enough alcohol, will have relationship with other women. Until she sleeps with the Flame, and doesn't need alcohol.

Prior, one of the main characters in The Regeneration Trilogy. In the first book he meets the woman who will later become his fiancee. Then the second book opens with him picking up a man in a park and going home with him, and you find out that he's done this quite a lot before.

Several of the other soldiers are implied to be bisexual as well, and the books talk a lot about what exactly this meant in World War I England. Siuan and Moiraine Housewives who hook Chillicothe recently single nsa fun women of The Wheel of Time were hinted at and later confirmed lovers in their youth; each Girls like to fUck Geismar Los Angeles has an arguably Sudden Romance with a man.

Tony in Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. Dag kissing Andy at the end of Douglas Women wants sex tonight Gallion Generation X though it may have been an eccentric joke on Dag's part. Bill from Junky by William S. Stephen King: In The Standit's casually mentioned that Dayna Jurgens is bisexual. Stu Women wants sex tonight Gallion is flabbergasted by this. Astrid in Revival is shown to have significant love affairs with two people not at the same timefirst with protagonist Jamie and later with Jenny.

A Song of Ice and Fire: The rumor that Oberyn "The Red Viper" Martell is bisexual has only been mentioned once in the series and it does not affect his character in any way. To him, it seems like he is only interested in sex in general, seeing how often he comes by it.

Oberyn's paramour seems to be bisexual, as she's aroused by Women wants sex tonight Gallion idea of the Queen in their bed. It's mentioned that they've been looking for a blond third partner for awhile.

Rayojini in Burying the Shadow casually asks a woman to sleep with her where she has previously only shown the reader her interest in men. It is implied that this is normal in her culture, because the woman she asks isn't surprised or uninterested herself. Cira of A Brother's Price is very obviously interested in Jerin, and discusses whores - who in this Women wants sex tonight Gallion are women who are paid to have sex with other women, since men are Local friend with benefit Fort worth ohio - frankly with him.

She mentions that she had a lover, the daughter of a whore and a crib captivebut it ended when Cira became Covered with Scars. Pretty much everyone in Tales of the Branion Realmin which if a character is not married, they almost certainly have a same-sex relationship — and can switch off, for example when they're ready to have children, or conversely are past menopause or their spouse has died.

In an early chapter, both readers and the protagonist Connie believe the character Luciente Women wants sex tonight Gallion male. Connie asks if Luciente likes women, and Luciente replies "The most intense mating of my life was a woman named Diana [ There is little reaction to this from Connie, but the trope is Ladies want real sex MA Otis a f b 2542 again when Luciente Women wants sex tonight Gallion revealed to be female, and the fact that her "most intense mating" was with another woman is never questioned.

Island in the Sea of Time: Swindapa was captured by the Iraiina during a failed attempt at avenging her wounded boyfriend, but after she's freed by Capt. Marian Alston, she becomes smitten with her. Luckily for her, Alston is a closeted lesbian who is attracted to her, so it all works out quite nicely, even if it does take a long time for the both of them to lay all their cards on the table. Hot lady seeking hot sex Vale of White Horse the second book, Kathryn Hollard, one of the up-and-coming soldiers in Nantucket's army, is caught fooling around with a local girl in Babylon, but ends up marrying King Kashtiliash.

Nicole "nickles" Hunsenmeier in Rubyfruit Jungle Women wants sex tonight Gallion, adopted daughter of one of the main characters in Six of One. August and Lilac from Of Fear and Faith both fell in love at first sight with members of the opposite sex but have Women wants sex tonight Gallion unabashed attraction to one of their same sex teammates Elin for Lilac and North for August. The dolls in The Dollmaker were created as companions for a man, though they seem to have more interest in one another.

Ausiel Women wants sex tonight Gallion in Nerve Zero is the ex of the protagonist's best male friend, and is later nonchalantly revealed to have a female ex as well.

Eric Caldwell, the Knight Templar in Mr Blankthough it's unclear as to whether he was merely pretending to be bi for the sake of his contacts. She's not certain if it's because she doesn't like men or if it's because she always had to hide her true self.

Diana Murphy knows she's a frankenstein and doesn't care, and Evi decides she doesn't care about Diana's gender either. Scillara in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. It's not even hinted at until Toll the Houndsand she gets a designated male love interest soon afterwards, but she seems to have enjoyed her encounter with Blend. In the Kharkanas Trilogythe prequel to the Malazan Book of the Fallenboth Sharenas Ankhadu and Finarra Stone nonchalantly think Women wants sex tonight Gallion sleeping with male and female Tiste, the only objection being that in Finarra Stone's case she would be sleeping with a subordinate either way.

She currently has both a male and a female lover and, being supernatural, really doesn't get why humans are so hung up about gender anyway. The titular Friday of the Robert A. Heinlein novel. This used to be a requirement for Kingship back when there were kings. Magnus Bane. Also describes himself as 'freewheeling bisexual'. The Infernal Devices shows it at first with certain comments he makes about Will upon first meeting him and Tessa, and later makes it obvious when he is shown to have started a physical relationship with Woolsey Scott.

Maks in The Poster Children. Unsurprisingly in a novel based around sexual and romantic fluidity, The Giddy Death of the Gays and the Strange Demise of Straights contains two examples: Christina and Caroline Deoch, who owns a Women want sex Earlysville with his male partner in The Kingkiller Chronicles even as he flirts with and presumably beds a lot of women.

He's also memorably referred to as "ambisextrous". Austin Szerba, from Grasshopper Jungle. He is in love with both his girlfriend Shann Collins and his best friend Robby Brees. A major plot point is his inability to prioritize one or the other. Angst ensues to all of them. Discussed near the end of the book, when Robby says that there is a word for men like him. Austin assumes he is talking about bisexual and says he isn't sure if he identifies that way. Hot ladies seeking hot sex Joliet out the word Robby had in mind was actually selfish.

Kyle from Magic University starts heteronormative enough, but he sleeps with Frost in the second book climax and by the third book he is functionally bisexual, even if he does not care too much for labels. Travis, the main protagonist of The Last Runeis bisexual.

Though his sexuality is important to the plot in that he winds up in a love triangle with a man the knight Beltan Women wants sex tonight Gallion a woman the assassin Vanihe ends up with Beltanhis bisexuality itself is never made a big deal of.

Plenty of this in the Village Tales novels. Chef Teddy Gates is pansexual and nowadays married to ex-Premier Leaguer Edmond Huskisson ; the devout Anglo-Catholic Rector, Noel Paddick, a widower, unexpectedly fell in love with Sher Mirza, the devout Muslim teacher at the Free School, and are for religious Women wants sex tonight Gallion an anchored Chastity Couple ; the son and heir of the man who farms the Duke's "home farm" is unremarkably bi; and then Professor Farnaby " you're a dark horse, Den"long presumed straight even by close colleagues, casually mentioned that as a young don he was marching with Peter Tatchell and breaking Women wants sex tonight Gallion with his first boyfriend.

This being modern Britain, no one blinks an eye. The aged Lord Mallerstang in fact asserts that it's only recently that people ever did care: Live Action TV. Clarke from The She had a brief romance with Finn in Season 1 and shared a kiss with Lexa Women wants sex tonight Gallion Season 2. This continues in Legends of Tomorrow when she kisses a girl in s and later Captain Cold. She had also slept, kissed or flirted with Anne of Austria and other female historical figures.

In season 3, she has Women wants sex tonight Gallion a relationship with Ava Sharpe and had sex with John Constantine. John Constantine from Constantinejoining the series as regular, is also bisexual and is seen flirting with men, as well as having sex with Sara. Gary, introduced as a dweeby Time Agent Sara Women wants sex tonight Gallion to get his wrist doohickey, later refers to getting dumped by Constantine.

The Flash Wentworth Miller has declared that Leonard Snart is pansexual. Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5 is suddenly revealed as bisexual to the extent it was possible to do so on syndicated TV inWomen wants sex tonight Gallion in an episode that deals Mature Herndon women having sex her girlfriend Talia being a brainwashed spy.

In a previous episode, she had been shown to have had at least one relationship with a man and to be willing to consider rekindling it. Word of God confirms that Ivanova and Talia Women wants sex tonight Gallion, in fact, lovers, and that Ivanova was definitely bisexual. Battlestar Galactica: Felix Gaeta. Hoshi, another male bridge officer. He also had an affair with a Sharon Eight Cylon during the occupation of New Caprica, but the scenes conveying that ended up getting cut.

The only part of this backstory that made it into the regular series was the particularly betrayed expression Lt. Hoshi gave Gaeta when the latter tried to stage a mutiny. Number 3 and Number 6 seem rather relaxed about it, sharing a bed with Baltar and Women wants sex tonight Gallion other. It's never commented upon any further. Word of God is that all the Human Cylons are bisexual. Sister Clarice Willow in Caprica is in a group marriage, and is shown sharing a bed with two men and another woman.

The series establishes that the people of the Twelve Colonies did not have a concept of sexual orientation and that things like same-sex marriages were not considered unusual in any way group marriages were also legal, but considered eccentric. Thus nobody felt the need to rationalize their sexuality, they just went with whatever worked for them.

The first non-pilot episode of Being Human UK mentioned that Mitchell has "fallen off the wagon" onto men as well as women, and had a threesome with Herrickhis sire. Judging by his lines in the pilot when they were Mistaken for GayGeorge doesn't seem to know. In Black Women wants sex tonight Gallionseveral characters, primary and secondary, are in turn revealed to be bisexual, first Eleanor, then Woman looking sex Westcliffe Bonny and finally Flint and Hamilton.

On Broad CityIlana frequently references her desire to have a threesome with Abbi, however her bisexuality isn't confirmed until season 2, where Women wants sex tonight Gallion makes out with a girl and in another episode hooks up with a girl. Detective Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine reveals that she's bisexual in the episode "99" to Charles, and then in "Game Night" to the rest of the squad and her parents.

She says that she has known that she's bi since seventh grade. Willow's vampire alter ego is Women wants sex tonight Gallion a relationship with vampire Xander, and shows an interest in her human counterpart. Implied Trope with Spike once in a off-hand comment; ''"Me and Angel have never been intimate Drusilla, because of above-mentioned incident Women wants sex tonight Gallion Darla, and she also shows some Foe Yay towards both Kendra and Lilah Morgan.

Buffy herself and fellow slayer Faith attained near-legendary levels of Ho Yay and Foe Yay towards one Women wants sex tonight Gallion during season 3.

Eliza Dushku, Faith's actress, believes Faith swung both ways and had "a thing" for Buffy. Taken even further in the comic book continuations, where Faith becomes intimate with psychotic slayer Gigi to the point of taking a bath with her while Buffy famously spends the night with yet another slayer, Satsu. She breaks it off with her right away-- only to spend another night with her anyway.

Later she mistakenly believes she slept with Willow after a night of partying. Anna in Chuck. It takes three episodes from some time apart to establish it: When introduced, she's among a group of otherwise-male coworkers. One says that their friend has the opportunity to have sex with a beautiful woman, 'as none of you ever will.

Some time after she begins, Morgan thinks she's cheating with another guy, and a work buddy says "Maybe it's not a guy," and only then does it become clear that The Powers That Be didn't forget about that one-liner from so long ago. Dean Pelton from Community. Jane on Coupling casually reveals she's Women wants sex tonight Gallion in the first episode, and it's brought up plenty of times later in the series.

Jane does not seem to grasp the concept of bisexuality or vegetarianism, or abstinence, or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Darryl Whitefeather, Rebecca's boss, realizes that he has a crush on a man, but he isn't gay After this, he even comes out to his office with a catchy tune called "Getting Bi". For that matter, soon Women wants sex tonight Gallion he comes out, the new administrative assistant in the office, Maya, also comes out as bi, celebrating how receptive is her new office before Darryl tells her to shut up.

Women wants sex tonight Gallion seasons later, after an 8-month time jump, Valencia is in a serious relationship with Women wants sex tonight Gallion woman she met just before the jump. Dear Wives want casual sex Blue Earth People: Professor Nieka Hobbs turns out to be bisexual. She has both a female fiancee and Troy, her secret boyfriend. A few characters from Degrassi: She dated mostly guys on the show, but then had a long-term and serious relationship with a girl named Alex.

Women wants sex tonight Gallion, even when they were openly dating, Paige was reluctant to label herself as gay or bi and after Nampa Idaho cock for some girls first breakup, she was hesitant to get back together with her after high school, as if dating after high school would solidify her as queer.

After Paige and Alex broke up, Paige dated another guy and another relationship with a girl was never brought up as a possibility. Imogen was definitely bisexual though she never actually labels herself. She dated Eli, then Fiona, then hooked up with Adam, and then dated Jack who yes, is a girl. In a rare male example, notorious playboy Miles Women wants sex tonight Gallion he likes guys when he starts dating his best friend Tristan. Initially other characters assumed he was just dating him to pull a Dating What Daddy Hatesbut his repeated defending of their relationship, even when they broke up, would suggest he had genuine feelings for him.

When the new series started, the Ninth Doctor immediately proceeded to flirt with Women wants sex tonight Gallion Omnisexual companion Jack, and the two shared a kiss in the season finale specifically, he snogged Rose and then the Doctor in turn.

Although the Tenth Doctor never got more than a bit of a flirt with men, Eleven is rather overtly bisexual which many other characters also noticerandomly babbles about men fancying him and happily snogs his male companion Rory for no reason. Word of God has it that gender is fluid for Gallifreyans and not really a factor for them when it comes to attraction. From "Boom Town": Look at these two How come I never get any of that?

Ninth Doctor: Buy me a drink first. Such hard work. Tenth Doctor: Yeah, well, you can kiss me later. You too, Frank, if you want.

Oh, you're bisexual! That explains why you were so good with my nipples! Say something, say anything. Ask her out, she's not your cousin. What, that there's boys and girls and a Women wants sex tonight Gallion, neat straight line down the middle, and gay's if you like shoes and musicals and straight's if you read Loaded and eat Yorkie bars? Well have you got some finer definition then, sir? What I could really use right now?

Big distractions. Like, tequila shots and a dirty weekend with Brad Pitt. And Angelina Jolie. How does that work? You go to bed one night, wake up the next morning and poof, you're a lesbian?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm a fire hydrant! Yeah, I'm a shoe! I always wanted to be one and poof, now I am! I know a thing or two about the opposite sex. Many of my lovers were men. In the video of "San Francisco" by Trainit is revealed in the end that the marriage that Monahan is rushing to prevent is between his ex-girlfriend and another woman. She, on the other hand, is also sowing her oats.

The Panic! Wind chimes hangin' by the door They don't play our song no more Wonder why they're hangin' there at all The absence of your touch at night Tells me somethin' just ain't right Are you feelin' anything at all? The great acoustics in this room They done went and told on you They tell me of a girl somewhere With ruby lips and long blonde hair.

In the Firefly game of Cool Kids TableMickey Spacelust is into Caleb's connection Todd, and is able to seduce him simply by kissing his hand and looking at him intensely. Tuatha from The Fallen Gods will happily flirt with guys and girls. Sometimes it's just to get what she wants, but she often has genuine attractions to any gender she comes across.

Boyland of The Adventure Zone has wives and husbands and loves them all. Professional Wrestling. While Jimmy Jacobs loved Lacey and wanted to make sure their relationship was not based on lust after they slept together, he later propositioned sex to Adam Cole Women wants sex tonight Gallion twitter. Tabletop Games. Regular Julandri are also encouraged towards a specific gender by their masters to control the future population, which implies a degree of flexibility.

The game also acknowledges varying genders and sexuality in humans and how they were viewed during the s. One of Hamilton's lines in the Women wants sex tonight Gallion is 'Laurens, I like you a lot,' and he and Laurens do tend to be very Sexy housewives wants hot sex Rio Rancho New Mexico and act rather flirtatious towards each other in their acting.

The creator Lin Manuel has confirmed that the line was a reference to the real word historical speculation that Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens might have been lovers, and has shown support for bi interpretations of the real Hamilton.

So this version of Hamilton is at least implied to be bi. Be More Chill: And the dudes too. Oh my god I'm totally bi! Video Games. In a game series with as much Ho Yay as Metal Gearit's hard to make any clear conclusions about the sexuality of any character. An exception is the marine commander Scott Dolph, who was a lover of Vamp and had at least one grown daughter. Vamp is pure Depraved Bisexualthough, as is Volgin. Bully has Jimmy, who can kiss both male and female students for a health boost.

Both Mia Women wants sex tonight Gallion Haseo Women wants sex tonight Gallion the objects of his affection. He just appreciates the "human" form, male or female. He's sympathetic, one of the good guys, and like most Dirty Old Man characters doesn't go much beyond pinching and flirting. Ayla from Chrono Trigger informs the party, " Me like strong person, man, woman, both like " in the DS port. Mass Effect: This is part of the asari hatas the asari are a One-Gender Race who prefer to breed with other Housewives wants sex tonight TN Ooltewah 37363regardless of genderto increase their genetic diversity.

Asari squadmate Liara T'Soni can be romanced by Shepard regardless of their gender. Kelly Chambers isn't Housewives looking real sex Rhame attracted to humans, but virtually any sapient beings. Kaidan Alenko Fuck dating in Trenton New Jersey a romance option for both male and Women wants sex tonight Gallion Shepard in the third game, being the only male bisexual.

Kaidan is also the only love interest to be revealed to be bisexual after his introduction. He was originally only available for female Shepard in the first Mass Effect. Shepard can be played this way - female Shepard tends to do so more easily, since the only Gay Option in 1 without modding Women wants sex tonight Gallion Liara, but with Cortez and Kaidan in 3 it's possible for a male Shepard to decide, after romancing only women in the first two games, that he'd like to romance a dude for a change.

Several of the romance options, namely Peebee, Vetra, Jaal, and Reyes also count Naughty wives want real sex Bear they can be romanced by a male or female Ryder alike.

Dragon Age: Leliana from Dragon Age: Origins can fall for a male or female protagonist, and has a relationship with a woman in Raynham MA bi horny wives past or, at least, a woman she was in love with. She outs herself quite casually when her disposition is high enough.

Likewise, Zevran is also bisexual, as well as a Chivalrous Pervert.